A Bakeover is a one-skillet savory meal made using any combination of veggies, meats and a Farmgirl Budget Mix™or other Mary Janes organic bread mix.  For my bakeover I used the organic Garlic Pesto Fry Bread.  This was my first attempt at a bakeover and it was SO good!… Read the rest

Goodbye Kensi

“Kensi” Kensington July 27, 2000 – June 8, 2008

My doggy died today.  I knew it was probably going to happen soon.  Kensi had been sick since about the beginning of May.  Having been bitten by a snake in the same spot she was bitten last year she was really having a hard time recovering. … Read the rest

Visiting Virginia

Richie and I just returned from visiting my parents in Virginia.  We had such a great time!  My mom and dad own a beautiful bed and breakfast in Lovingston, Virginia.  They didn’t take any reservations while we were there so we had the whole place to ourselves and got to do lots of fun stuff.… Read the rest