Will Work For Food

I got to meet Adam Gertler today! You may remember him from Season 4 of the Food Network Star. He was the runner-up. Well now he is the host of a show called “Will Work for Food”.  In this show he goes around the country learning different food jobs.  Today he came to Mountain View, Arkansas to the annual Bean Fest to learn how to make beans.  We got to watch him put together a pot of beans while they were filming.  During a break I asked for a picture and he was happy to do it. It was pretty cool and I look forward to watching the show.  We were in the crowd and might even show up on the Food Network when it airs!  Cool!


Teachers go to school too!

Even though I am teaching art all day it is really hard to find time to work on my own art.  My k-8 students require so much assistance and our time together is so short that it is impossible to work on any art when they are in the room.  With my highschool classes I get a little more freedom to work on my own projects.  I think teaching by example is an excellent tool.  I think my students can learn from watching me make art just as seeing an english teacher reading a book or listening to a spanish teacher communicate with someone can be a valuable lesson.  So much of our instruction is focused on “the Masters” and their exposure to “real” artists is so limited.  I love getting to work on projects at school and when time allows it, I get great joy.

About 6 months ago I came across a site called ArtTraderMag.com.  It is a wonderful site with great art tools, an online magazine and a host of online workshops complete with workbooks and videos.  I have taken 5 classes through the site and am enjoying every minute of it.  Recently I took a color exploration class.  One of the projects was a dichromatic color scheme.  We were allowed to use two colors plus  black, white and brown.  I chose blue and orange for my color scheme.  I am really proud of my finished work.  I usually work VERY realistically so the surreal, dreaminess of this piece was hard for me.  I truly enjoyed working on it and hope the students who saw me working through it were able to grasp a better understanding of the creative process.


MixedMedia Canvas
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