Garden Journal 2-25

The weather has taken a turn for the cold again and snow if forcasted for Friday.  However, a few warm days last weekend have got me thinking about the garden.  Last year I decided to switch to raised beds.  I built 4 raised beds which worked great and saved a lot of time because I had to do so little weeding. … Read the rest

Locks of Love

I have been growing my hair for a LONG time!  Other than just a tiny trim once a year it has been many years since I had a substantial haircut. I have been wanting/needing to do something different for a long time but was also kind of scared too! … Read the rest

Cooking in the Cold

The snow continues to fall and we are nearing a foot of accumulation! Weather reports are calling for another 4-6 inches overnight! I can’t get over it! The snow is falling so hard we cannot even see across the road!  The satellite TV is out which is fine because there probably isn’t anything on anyway. … Read the rest