Herb of the Week – Lemon Balm

Lemon Balm (also known as Melissa)

Lemon Balm is a really great, really under-appreciated herb which has great culinary and medicinal uses.  This herb is native to Southern Europe and Northern Africa and has been used for over 2000 years.

Medicinal Uses

A popular use of the herb is Melissa Tea. … Read the rest


The winner of the last contest suggested Frittata as a great weeknight dinner option.  Not only had the winner suggested this but another contest entrant did as well.  I had never had a frittata before but it had been described to me as a cross between an omelet and a quiche. … Read the rest

Onion-skin Dyed Eggs

I read about Onion -skin dyed eggs over at the Proactive Bridesmaid and was amazed!  I’ve seen these somewhere before and thought that they were cool but never gave them much thought beyond that.  Well now that I have my own chickens and enough eggs to warrant their own refrigerator, I am constantly looking at new ways to use eggs. … Read the rest

Garden Journal 4-2

WOW! I can not believe it has been nearly a MONTH since my last garden journal post.

A lot has been happening here!  As I mentioned in my post about starting a garden last year I had a progressive plan to add more raised beds. … Read the rest