The chickens are on strike and all I want is some cereal!

Farm News:

It’s HOT!  It has literally been WEEKS since we have seen temperatures much below 100.  Daily temps are hovering around 100 to 110 with the heat index climbing as high as 120! YIKES!  Even our swimming pool water temperature was 98 degrees the other day!  Not very refreshing, but on the other hand, I always did want a hot tub!

When it’s hot the animals revolt.  My chickens are basically on strike.  We were getting 14 to 16 eggs a day and now we are lucky to get 6!  I hate that production is down but at the same time I know making an egg causes a lot of stress on the girls and they deserve a break!

In personal news:

I have hired a personal trainer and began a new way of eating.  About 8 years ago I suffered some health issues and gained A LOT of weight.  I’ve been on medication to help with the health issues but haven’t ever really actively done anything to take care of the weight issue.  True, I have been working out at the gym for about 2 years.  This was good because it prevented me from gaining anymore weight but I wasn’t doing enough to lose any.

On July 16th I hired a personal trainer.  I am tired of being overweight and not feeling well.  I also knew I needed someone to motivate and encourage and PUSH me.  Together, we developed an eating plan and an intense workout.  I meet with my trainer 3 times a week. 

The “eating plan”:

I hate to use the word diet because most people see diets as something temporary that you do till you reach a goal and then quit.  I know that won’t work for me.  I need a “lifestyle change” and that is what I am trying to accomplish through my eating plan.  I am trying to make changes that I can use all my life.  Basically, I am following a slightly modified version of the South Beach Diet.  Right now in phase one of my plan I have basically eliminated most carbs.  I am avoiding things like bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, carrots, corn, fruit and sugary things.  It hasn’t been too hard but I also know it is temporary.  In less than two weeks I will start adding in some more healthy carb choices like high fiber fruits and whole grain breads. In moderation of course!  I am also trying to eat a lot more vegetables.  I am finding a lot of my recipes and meal ideas at Kalyn’s Kitchen.

The Workout:

Steve (my trainer) has really tailored my workout to my needs.  I meet with him three times a week for a little over an hour each time.  I am keeping a food journal so we begin our session by going over this.  He offers praise and admonishment when needed.  Then we work out and we work out hard.  I start with 5 minutes on the treadmill at a pretty good clip.  We then do a 30 minute intense weight lifting session.  Steve is really pushing me on the weightlifting! I secretly refer to him as “the devil”!  We then do a 5-7 minute ab workout and I finish by doing 25 minutes of speed intervals on the tread.  I also have to do 45 minutes of some physical activity on the weekends.

The result:

We didn’t take any weight or other measurements until July 27th.  Since the 27th of July (just over a week) I have lost 5 pounds, 2 inches of my waist and a 1/2 inch off my hips!  So I would say it is working!  The only problem…I am really craving a big ol’ bowl of cereal!

One Small Change – August (July wrap-up)

July Wrap-up

My “One Small Change” goal for June/July was to reduce the amount of paper towels I use in the kitchen by replacing them with reusable hand towels.  I LOVE to use paper towels in the kitchen because they are quick and easy and you can throw them away without having to think twice about them.  My habit was creating a lot of waste not to mention wasting a lot of money.  Richie and I are still using paper towels at dinner but I have completely quit using them in the kitchen! In fact, I only had one fall-back that I know of!  I placed two hand towels over the oven door handle so they were convenient and easy to reach.  I even had my mother in law knit me a few dishtowels that I could keep in case I needed a wet towel around.  It was a quick and easy change to make!


This month our goal is to reduce the number of plastic bags we use by taking reusable bags to the grocery store.  We have gathered up 7 bags and I have some scrap material I plan to use to make a few more.  We have stored them in the car so they are there when we need them.  I am thinking this challange will be a little more difficult for us.  I am hoping when we get to the store that we actually remember to take the bags in with us!

You can learn more about “One Small Change” by visiting their website

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