The Trumpet of the Swan

As it turns out the Trumpet of the Swan is quite loud.  Especially when there are over 100 swans honking at you!  If you have never been to see the Trumpeter Swans on Magness Lake in Heber Springs, Arkansas you are missing out on something AMAZING!… Read the rest

Sonny Williams Steak Room

There is food that is good and then there is food that once you take the first bite you know you will likely remember that meal for a LONG time!  That was my experience last night with Sonny Williams Steak Room in the River Market district of Little Rock.… Read the rest

Road Map Painting

Staring at a blank canvas can be very daunting to an artist.  While many artists develop a “style” and tend to stick with the same medium all the time, I am more “eclectic”.   I get bored really easily and get tired of doing the same thing all the time so I bounce around from medium to medium and subject to subject.… Read the rest