Find It, Make It – Recipes with Amanda

I would like to introduce a new feature here on the blog, Find It, Make It. My sister Amanda loves to cook and try new recipes. She is always telling me about the new stuff she is making. My husband is pretty picky, although he would NEVER admit it, and her husband loves to try new stuff so she gets to make new recipes a lot more often than I do.… Read the rest

On Friendship and Breast Cancer

As I have grown older I have found friendship to be a very different thing than it was when I was younger.  As a girl, it was about sleepovers and hanging out on the playground.  As a teen, friendships were about gossiping on the phone and going shopping. … Read the rest

Drawing 101 – Value

Value is the lightness or darkness of an object.  Adding value (shading) to objects that you draw can help add dimension and make objects look more realistic.  Adding value is actually pretty simple.  Lets look at some examples.

Here is a simple drawing of a circle.… Read the rest

Hunter’s Carrots

Hunter’s Carrots is one of my favorite fall/winter side dishes and make a great accompaniment to the Beer Butt Chicken I posted about the other day.

Hunter's Carrots with Blue Moon Beer

Hunter’s Carrots

1/2 oz. dried shiitake mushrooms
1/2 cup beer (use whats left from the Beer Butt Chicken recipe)
1 1/2 lbs.… Read the rest