McDonald's The STRAW Unboxing

McDonald’s “The STRAW” Unboxing

I am a brand ambassador for Central Arkansas McDonald’s. I love McDonald’s so it’s an easy job but I’ll be honest, it comes with some pretty cool perks. 

McDonald's The STRAW Unboxing

Today, I was given one of McDonald’s the STRAWs!

The STRAW was specially engineered by McDonald’s innovators and aerospace engineers to perfect the experience of drinking a McCafe Chocolate Shamrock Shake.… Read the rest

This post contains a video walkthrough and photos of my January and February Bullet Journal layouts. Read for a free printable template of the February layout.

Bullet Journaling – January and February Layout Walk-Through

I am just about to wrap up my very first month of bullet journaling and I love it. 

Not familiar with bullet journaling? In a nutshell, it is a streamlined and highly customizable way of planning. It is a system of rapid logging that makes use of bulleted lists, thus the name. 

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6 tips to conquering your bullet journal fear

6 Tips to Conquering Your Bullet Journal Fear

I mentioned in my Bullet Journal Layouts and Collections for Weight Loss that I am new to bullet journaling. Since then, I have had several questions about how to get started. Here are a few tips if you are interested in giving it a try!… Read the rest

bullet journal layouts and collections for weight loss

Bullet Journal Layouts and Collections for Weight Loss

We’re just hours into 2017 and like me, I am sure many of you have weight loss on your mind. I’m trying to put some things in place so I don’t fall off the wagon before it even leaves the driveway.… Read the rest