{Drink of the Week} Panama City Beach Style

Richie and I spent the last week in Panama City Beach! This is my MOST FAVORITE place in the world!  We’ve gone three times now and love it more every time.  I will be sharing more about our trip in the coming days, but first, I want to share my {Drink of the Week} with you.  Of course I wasn’t home all week, wasn’t cooking and wasn’t mixing up my own drinks in a blender on my kitchen counter.  This week it was all done by someone else!  That’s part of the joy of vacation! Someone else does all the work, someone else cleans up the mess!  I don’t have exact measurements for these drinks and two were invented on the spot by our bartender.  I will list the ingredients and leave you to experiment in your own kitchen.

Coconut Groove

Coconut Rum
Pineapple Juice
Pineapple and Cherry for Garnish

Chocolate Coconut Cocktail (invented for Julie by the bartender)

My request: Something chocolaty, not too sweet, not frozen

Coconut Vodka
Vanilla Vodka
Creme de Cocoa
Bailey’s Irish Creme
Godiva Chocolate Vodka
Chocolate sauce for garnish

My Verdict: This was really good but REALLY strong. I think she put all alcohol and a SPLASH of milk!

Grown-up Chocolate Milkshake (invented for Richie by the bartender)

Richie’s Request: Something like a milk shake with alchohol

Bailey’s Irish Creme
Fluff Vodka
Godiva Chocolate Vodka
Ice Cream

Richie’s Verdict: MMMMmmmmmmmmm!

Coconut Margarita


Coconut Rum
Margarita Mix

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5 thoughts on “{Drink of the Week} Panama City Beach Style

  1. Can you give me the measurements for the Coconut Groove drink? Want to try this for a Bunco party so will need a punch bowl full.

    1. Hey Cindy! There really are no measurements. You should start with Pinapple Juice and then add the rum to taste. If you like it strong add more, if not add less. The grenadine is really there to add a splash of color. I would suggest leaving that out of the punch bowl but make it available to be added to the drink after they are served from the bowl. Everyone could scoop the drink then add a splash of grenadine and then garnish their own drink with pineapple or cherries as they see fit. HAVE FUN!

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