My First Plus Size Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix isn’t new, but Plus Size Stitch Fix is and I was so excited to give this hand-picked mail-delivery shopping service a try. 

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My First Plus Size Stitch Fix

I am no stranger to mail-delivery shopping programs. I have been sampling meal-delivery programs for well over a year now and reviewed several programs, settling on Home Chef as my favorite.

Until now, I haven’t tried a clothing service. Stitch Fix was founded in 2011 and, through the use of questionnaires about your style preferences, claims to hand-pick five items for you to try on at home. A box containing your new styles is mailed to your home where you can discreetly try on the items. Keep what you like and send back what you don’t in a prepaid envelope. 

Of course, the program isn’t completely free. You pay a $20 styling fee which the company keeps if you return all of the items in your box. If you keep something – the $20 is applied as credit towards the cost of your total order.  In addition to setting style preferences, users can also select appropriate price ranges to fit their budget. 

Stitch Fix offers stylings in Women’s Clothing, Men’s Clothing and Women’s Plus Size Clothing. The Plus Size offering is new and the one I was excited about. 

I am at that weird size were regular clothes are always too snug and plus size clothes often look baggy and frumpy on me.  I often shop in stores like Torrid or Lane Bryant and sometimes the Plus Size department at Maurice’s. I see so many clothes that look adorable on the hanger but horrible on my body. Shopping is often filled with anxiety and disappointment. 

If I am looking for something in particular, I can never find it and my husband always jokes that I only ever find anything when I step in the store on a lark. What better way to shop without looking for anything then when you have five mystery items hand-picked for you and delivered to your front door?

My friend, Ricci recently tried Plus Size Stitch Fix and loved it. I finally worked up the courage to fill out the profile and my first Fix was delivered yesterday. 

The box was a pretty blue, the clothing items neatly wrapped in tissue, and it felt like Christmas opening the box. As soon as I saw my items I knew the stylist had actually considered my likes and dislikes. The styles closely matched things I had been pinning on my Pinterest style board and included a few items I had requested items that would be fun for an upcoming beach trip. 

Let’s take a look at what I got:

In this picture, I am wearing the Loveappella Lianda Crochet Bib Knit Top ($48) and the Eunina Mina Distressed Cuffed Short ($58). 

plus size stitch fix

I immediately knew I would love the top. It was simple, yet sweet and romantic with its lacy neckline. I thought the shorts were really cute but I had recently tried on a similar pair that was more like daisy dukes.  In the end, the shorts fit comfortably and are a little flirty without being trashy and I loved them. Both of these items are a keeper. 

In this picture, I am wearing the shorts again but this time with the Laila Jayde Marymen Side Ruching Knit Top ($40).

Plus Stitch Fix Stick

I loved the color of this top and thought it would pair perfectly with a lacy white skirt that I have. It was just tight enough to not feel frumpy and the ruching helps hide my belly so I don’t feel self-conscious. This item was a keeper.

In this picture, I am wearing the Gilli Alba Skirt ($58) with my own navy blue t-shirt. 

plus size stitch fix

I ADORED this skirt out of the box and thought it looked absolutely darling with this top.  Sadly, hidden below the fabric of he top, the skirt was just a bit too tight around my waist. It is a stretch material so it was not physically uncomfortable but I know that I would feel self-conscious and that would probably lead to me not wearing the skirt. Sadly, I opted to send it back.

The final item in my box is the Hailey 23 Mada Scoop Neck Blouse ($44).

Plus size stitch fix

This is the one item that was really outside of my style wheel-house. I am not much of a big-flowery-prints kind of girl but I was willing to give it a try. The kicker for me was that the shirt was made of a sheer fabric. I’m a high school teacher and sheer fabrics, even with a tank underneath, are generally not appropriate. I tried the shirt on but it quickly came off and it’s going back. 

Overall, I was very pleased with my selection. I’m still bummed that the skirt didn’t fit but maybe I will get lucky in my next fix!  I loved the convenience of the whole experience and felt that my style preferences were truly considered. My stylist sent me a personal note and each item included a styling card with ideas for pairing each item for a variety of occasions. The prices are a little higher than I typically spend but everything felt like really high-quality clothing. I am probably not going to drop $150 every month on clothes, but I do plan to try the Plus Size Stitch Fix again. 

Have you tried Stitch Fix? What was your experience?

If you haven’t tried it yet, I would love for you to sign up using my referral link. If you do, I will get a $25 credit on my next styling at no extra cost to you. The can style Women, Men, Plus Size and even Maternity! Sign up here!

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2 thoughts on “My First Plus Size Stitch Fix

  1. That skirt was adorable and exactly your style. Do they offer to send a different size before you decide? The company I tried does. May be worth checking it out.

    1. They did but I was not sure what the policy was if the new item didn’t fit. I was out of time on my return and needed to make a decision. Something I will look in to for next time.

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