From Bare Feet to Cowboy Boots ($150 Country Outfitter Giveaway)

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I have always been a lover of all things outdoors but my style is more prairie skirts and bare feet than blue jeans and cowboy boots.

Still there has always been something truly fascinating about cowboy boots.  Living in Arkansas it is hard to avoid them. Cowboy boots are THE fashion staple of the South! Boots are sold in most every store and almost everyone I know owns at least one pair.  I often found myself looking at cowboy boots wondering if I could pull off the look but not really believing it was me.  I’m a Yankee after all.  Up north we wore snow boots and ski boots but cowboy boots? Not so much.

About a year ago I purchased some cute boots at a department store.  They weren’t cowboy boots, more of a biker boot with a chain on the side, but served as a good segue into the real thing which I still secretly coveted.

Months later I transitioned to the opposite end of the spectrum and went for a taller pair of trendy boots which I like to call my “hooker” boots!

And then…I attended the Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Conference where EVERY attendee received FREE boots from Country Outfitter! FOR REALZ people! We got free boots!

Finally, I found my feet snuggley tucked into a pair of Justin Pink and Chocolate Ostrich boots!  My little toes had made their transition from bare feet to cowboy boots!  Maybe this Yankee living in the South could make it after all!

But the fact that I FINALLY have boots and that I actually got those boots for FREE isn’t even the coolest part!  Not only did Country Outfitter give ME free boots but they also gave me a $150.00 gift certificate to share with one of you!

That’s right! You could win FREE BOOTS too!  And entering is really easy! All you have to do is follow these TWO simple steps!  Make sure you do BOTH or your entry will not count!

1. Click HERE to submit your email to Country Outfitter.  (You may occasionally receive promotional emails.)

2.  Leave a comment below telling me that you entered your email.

That’s it!  Entries will close at midnight Central time on Sunday, October 21st and a winner will be selected on October 22nd.  Good luck!

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Disclaimer: I received a free pair of boots from Country Outfitter to review.  All opinions are my own.



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