Frork It – Signature Crafted Recipes at McDonald’s [ad]

McDonald’s recently rolled out their Signature Crafted Recipes nation-wide.  We’ve been lucky here in Central Arkansas because we were a test-market for the sandwiches and they have been available here for more than a year. The Signature Crafted recipes include Sweet BBQ Bacon, Maple Bacon Dijon and my favorite, Pico Guacamole.

Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Central Arkansas McDonald’s.  All opinions are my own. 

Signature Crafted Recipes at McDonald's

What’s so special about the McDonald’s Signature Crafted Recipes?

With the Signature Crafted Recipes you get to choose the sandwich flavor, the protein, and the bun to make the ultimate sandwich.


The Signature Crafted Recipes come in three flavors: Sweet BBQ Bacon, Maple Bacon Dijon, and Pico Guacamole.


Choose between 100% Pure Beef 1/4 Pound Patty, Buttermilk Crispy Chicken, and Artisan Grilled Chicken.


Choose between an artisan roll and a sesame seed bun.

mcdonalds signature crafted

What’s a Frork?

McDonald’s is all about Innovation and they recently released The Straw which was perfectly designed for the limited edition Chocolate Shamrock shake. This time, McDonald’s engineers have developed a “superfluous” utensil which basically allows you to use french fries as the tongs of a fork so you can scoop up the sauce that drops out when eat the Signature Crafted Sandwiches.

McDonald’s released a fun mock infomercial for the #uselesslyuseful Frork featuring pitchman Anthony Sullivan. You can view the infomerical here. Call the number at the end of the infomercial to get a get a coupon for a FREE Signature Crafted Sandwich.

I enjoyed the Pico Guacamole Signature Crafted Sandwich with Artisan Grilled Chicken and an artisan bun for lunch the other day. I also tried out the Frork too. Check out my experience.

Frorks are available at the following Central Arkansas McDonald’s Locations:

4008 McCain Blvd., North Little Rock
104 S. University, Little Rock
1220 S. Saint Louis St., Batesville
1122 N. Arkansas Ave., Russellville
20726 I-30, Benton 

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