Goodbye Kensi

“Kensi” Kensington July 27, 2000 – June 8, 2008

My doggy died today.  I knew it was probably going to happen soon.  Kensi had been sick since about the beginning of May.  Having been bitten by a snake in the same spot she was bitten last year she was really having a hard time recovering.  We had her on some strong antibiotics and medicine which seemed to help at first but she just couldn’t seem to beat the infection.  The infection had moved into the rest of her body so we decided that after a second round of treatment we would have her put down if there were no signs of improvement.  With four days of medication left Kensi made the decision for us and died while we were at church this morning.

It is so hard when it is a pet because in many ways it feels silly to have so much affection for an animal.  I have cried off and on all day today.  Richie and I don’t have children so in many ways we baby our animals.

Kensi was the first pet Richie and I got after marrying.  Her birthday is actually two days before we got married.  We bought Kensi in late September of 2000 from a Golden Retriever breeder in Conway, Arkansas.  The breeder lived on Kensigton Lane which is how we decided on Kensi’s name.  The first night we brought her home I made a bed of blankets on the floor beside our bed.  Kensi cried and cried until finally I picked her up and let her get in the bed.  She fell asleep in minutes.

I had intended for Kensi to be an inside dog but she had other plans.  She loved to be outdoors!  About three weeks after getting Kensi there was a forest fire in the pine forest that borders our land.  The fire caused a lot of mice and other creatures to seek homes on our land and around our house.  We decided to get some kittens to help control the mice population.  Kensi LOVED the cats!  She had a special bond with one cat we called Sundae.  They went everywhere together.  When Sundae disappeared one day Kensi eventually adopted another cat.  She always had some cat by her side.  In the winter she would rather sleep on the porch with five cats piled on top of her than come in the house.  About 3 or 4 years ago she adopted our cat BB.  When BB had kittens she would leave them with Kensi who would babysit while she went off to eat.  It was very comical especially when they would try to nurse on Kensi.  Last summer BB had one kitten that really took a liking to Kensi. His name is Obama.  He has been Kensi’s shadow for the last 10 months.  I am sure he will miss Kensi.

Besides playing with cats Kensi loved to go for walks.  If we walked 10 miles she would be right there with us.  She loved to go hunting with Richie in the fall too.  Unfortunatly because hunting regulations prevented Richie from “using” a dog for hunting he often had to chain her up at home before heading into the woods.

Kensi also loved turtles.  She could find turtles in the silliest of places and she would just carry them around in her mouth.  Sometimes she would chew them but mostly she would just carry them off.  When she got tired she would drop them.  They would usually land on their backs.  I would always try to watch so I could flip them over.

Kensi was a great dog.  She didn’t really like to cuddle but she was always there.  When we were in the yard she was with us.  She always slept on the porch seemingly guarding the front door.

I am so sad that she is gone but I am glad she isn’t hurting.  I know she didn’t feel well for the last few weeks.  I guess I selfishly hoped I could make her better.  When I saw her this morning she looked peaceful and happy when she looked at me so maybe she was happy to be going.  Maybe she just smiled at me to let me know it would be alright.

Goodbye Kensi. I will miss you.

Kensi just after we got her.


Kensi and Sundae.


Kensi and Sassy.


Kensi this winter in the snow.


Kensi and Hagrid.


Kensi – Taken on May 30, 2008.  This was the last picture I took of Kensi.

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3 thoughts on “Goodbye Kensi

  1. oh Julie, I am so very sorry for you and Richie, and yes the fur babies take up a large chunk of our hearts, even if they aren’t children..they still are oh so special. sending you a big hug.
    So very sorry for your loss.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your doggie!
    We have 4 and I get very attached to animals.
    But I can’t stand to see them suffer. I’m glad you made the “decision”, even though you didn’t have to follow through with it.

  3. My heart aches for you and with you. Kensi was lucky to have his home with you. My poochie dog is 16, and I relish each and every day we share.

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