Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

I love this picture! I took this picture about two weeks ago.  My dad was teaching Richie how to fly fish.  You can really see the sparkle and excitement in my dads eyes.  This is how he is about everything.  My dad is really smart.  He knows about so many things, is capable of doing many things and has accomplished many things in his life.  I am really proud of my dad.  I feel like I have learned so much from my dad.  I have never felt like I had to depend on anyone else to get anything done.  Dad has always taught us to do for ourselves and if we didn’t know how than learn how.  Of course Dad is never to proud to ask for help when he needs it.  I love this picture because in one single snapshot, a millisecond in time, I was able to capture who my dad is.  It really says a lot to me.  Plus he is wearing his favorite hat that he has had about 15 years or more!  I love you Dad! Happy father’s day!

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One thought on “Happy Fathers Day, Dad!

  1. I love this blog. Isn’t dad the best!!! I said the same thing to Josh when I saw that picture the other week. He looks so happy and excited. He loves to teach people…and of course since he seems to know everything about anything…he could spend a lifetime and never share all his knowledge. I still don’t know about that hat though…

    Love you dad!!! Happy Father’s Day!!!

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