I have horses, I can drive a truck and I wear cowboy boots!

Well, I’m not wearing the boots…YET. But I will be soon all thanks to Country Outfitter!

Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. All opinions are my own. 

Yes, it’s true this yankee-turned-southern-farm-girl doesn’t own a pair of cowboy boots!  I usually just schlep around in my flip flops when I’m doing farm chores.  Sad, I know!

But here’s the REALLY cool part – I’m getting FREE boots from Country Outfitter!

You’re probably thinking, “La-ti-da, isn’t she special.”

That’s okay though. If I were on the reading end of this I probably would be too!  But I am going to let you in on a little secret! YOU might be able to get a free pair of boots too!


I said YOU might be able to get a free pair of boots too!  Keep reading!

These are the boots that I am getting:

I decided to go with the pink because I wanted something fun and pink is always fun!  Country Outfitter has SO MANY choices it was really tough to decide.  I really wanted some tall, dressy boots but I have the huge monster calves and can’t wear tall boots.

Wait, I’m supposed to be telling you about the FREE boots aren’t I?  I digress.

I’m part of a pretty cool group called Arkansas Women Bloggers.  We get together, hang out, eat food, drink wine and occassionally learn a thing or two about blogging.  So we have this little conference coming up.  Actually, it’s more than little! It’s going to be pretty amazing! And thanks to our sponsors (such as Country Outfitter) we have some pretty amazing things planned!

So if you are a women blogger you can get not one, but TWO FREE PAIR OF BOOTS by joining us at our Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Conference on August 24 – 26 in Mountain View, Arkansas.  And NO you do not have to live in Arkansas! (But you do have to be a lady!)  If you register and join us for the conference and follow the directions outlined in this post you can also get TWO FREE PAIR OF BOOTS, one to keep and one to give away on your blog!  You can pick ANY pair of boots that is less than $150 and is listed as “ships within 24 hours.”

Check out their amazing selection of boots!

I really hope you will join us for the conference but if you can’t there is still a chance to get a free pair of boots!  Each conference attendee, myself included, will be giving away a pair of boots on her blog!  Be watching for that giveaway because you will NOT want to miss it!

Thank you Country Outfitter!

Disclaimer: I will be provided with a free pair of boots from County Outfitter in return for my posts.  My opinions are my own!

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