Jersey Summer {Arts and Crafts}

I have long had an infatuation with Jersey cows.  Not only are they beautiful creatures they are sweet and produce amazing milk.  I have yet to take the plunge but SOMEDAY I will own a Jersey cow which I will raise for its milk.

I have been wanting to paint a Jersey for a very long time.  I have hesitated because I have not always been as confident in my ability to draw animals and people as I am now.  When I studied art in college I focused mainly on landscapes, buildings and still life and avoided drawing people and animals at all costs.

As an art teacher I find that most of my students want tips on how to draw people and animals.  The one area where I really felt I couldn’t help them as best as I should be able to.  During the 2011-2012 school year one of my goals was to become more confident in this area.

In the fall, I took an online class through Dirty Footprints Studio called BIG.  It is part of the Fearless® Painting Series.  The class was AMAZING but also very emotional for me and helped me to work through some feelings I have kept bottled up for a long time.  I took this time to focus on my painting of people in a more freeing and uncontrolled manner.  Being free helped me to tone up my skill.

In January I began an online class called Life Book through Willowing.  This year long class is an exploration of art meant to honor and celebrate YOU.  The class is comprised of weekly projects many which focus on self-portraits.  Additionally because of the nature of the class I have also had the opportunity to really practice a lot of animal drawing as well. (By the way – Willowings art classes are amazing and are very beginner friendly!  See that little icon over in the side bar? ——————————> Over there! If you happen to sign up for one of her classes please do so by clicking this button.  I am an affiliate and will get a few pennies if you sign up through my site.  PLUS, enter the code MOONBEAM77 to get 10% off of your first class! And, thanks!)

Today I decided to tackle my fear head on and paint a picture, on canvas, of that beautiful Jersey cow I have wanted to paint for so long!


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