McDonald’s “The STRAW” Unboxing

I am a brand ambassador for Central Arkansas McDonald’s. I love McDonald’s so it’s an easy job but I’ll be honest, it comes with some pretty cool perks. 

McDonald's The STRAW Unboxing

Today, I was given one of McDonald’s the STRAWs!

The STRAW was specially engineered by McDonald’s innovators and aerospace engineers to perfect the experience of drinking a McCafe Chocolate Shamrock Shake. Only 2000 STRAWs were made and I was fortunate to be one of the lucky recipients. 

Check out my unboxing video to see this state of the art, expertly engineered shake-drinking tool.


The whole line of McCafe Shamrock Beverages is only around through March 20th. If you haven’t had one yet, I highly suggest you go get one now!  If you already tried one this week, you should feel good because McDonald’s donated $.25 of each shake purchased March 11-17 to the Ronald McDonald House Charities. 

Find out more about Central Arkansas McDonald’s by visiting their Instagram page

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