My Laura Ingalls Costume

At the school where I teach Halloween was Book Character Day.  Everyone was encouraged to wear a costume depicting their favorite book character. We then had a character parade and everyone walked across the stage, told thier character, and shared a little about their book.  I didn’t even need to think about it because I knew that Laura Ingalls Wilder was my favorite character/author! I have loved Laura and the Little House on the Prairie for as long as I can remember!

Here is a photo of Laura.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

I have read every one of Laura’s books at LEAST 10 times!  Every year I reread The Long Winter and Little House in the Big Woods.  It was really fun to dress up as Laura for a day! Here are two pictures of me.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

(That’s my golden retreiver Kensi in the corner!)

Laura Ingalls Wilder

The pictures were taken on a cell phone and there was a little bit of a glare but I think you get the idea!

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9 thoughts on “My Laura Ingalls Costume

  1. Cute cute cute!!! I love it!! You look so adorable and comfortable in those clothes!! I have the fabric to make a pioneer type outfit and havn’t finished it yet…you are so inspiring..Maybe I will get it done now after seeing yours!!
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Love, Jenny

  2. i see you really like laura.i have never seen anyone like her that much! Just to tell you the person wrighting to you right now(me)well you will probably freek you out but i am related to her.i know how exsiting is that.even though she is dead i will tell her you said hi.(i promose this is not a joke!!)

  3. That is an interesting costume! I like it!
    I was wandering around Laura Ingalls Wilder sites, and sites related to her, and I found this, and I feel I must say that I am lucky to be related to Laura Ingalls Wilder. You see, Almanzo Wilder was a great, great uncle of mine. (I am not sure the exact relation, but my great-grandmother (paternal) adopted her second husband’s last name for herself and for her children, that name being Veich. Originally, though, her married name was Wilder. My great-grandfather, my great-grandmother’s first husband, died when he was only 23 or so from a hunting accident.)
    Anyway, I just love to look at Laura Ingalls Wilder’s history and my family’s history. It interests me so.
    I really like the costume, though.
    I realise, also, that the message previous to mine also says that they are related(what a coincidence! haha!)

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