My “new” Kitchen!

I am so happy! My “new” kitchen is finally done!  Two weeks ago we had all new windows put in the house.  The old windows were so bad you couldn’t even see out of them.  I still get caught by surprise everytime I walk into the living room and realize I can see outside.  At the same time that we ordered the windows we also ordered new kitchen counters, a sink and a new faucet.  Well today they were installed! When I came home from work today I had a beautiful new kitchen!  Here are the pics!

Here is a closeup of what the counter looks like. It is a little hard to tell in the other pictures.

And of course it is always fun to have a side-by-side before and after.  Picture 1 was taken 8 years ago probably almost to the day.  Picture 2 was taken this evening. I think it FINALLY looks amazing!


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7 thoughts on “My “new” Kitchen!

  1. Just gorgeous! Isn’t it a relief to have it all done too? I sure felt that way when mine was finished. I love the side by side before and after pictures, what a difference, eh! I especially like your new faucet. I know it’s kinda funny to say about a faucet, but it really is beautiful… 🙂

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