On Kohl Pond

We are in the process of building a pond.  It is behind the horse pasture, which is behind our house, just on the edge of the hardwood portion of our trees.  It doesn’t look like much yet but it is still pretty cool.  There is an embankment all the way around it.  The dogs love the fresh dirt.  They will be even more excited once they realize it will be filled with water!

This is coming up to the pond from the back of the pasture.  This area will be a picnic/camping area.


This is it!  Yup it looks like dirt.  Eventually it should be about 5 -6 feet deep when it is full.

This picture is a little deceiving. I am actually up on the ledge in this picture.  The big stump is actually about 8 feet below the tree shown in the foreground.

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