I love adventure. Not necessarily "scare-your-Pants-off" adventure but the kind where you seek out new and exciting things. New foods, new places, new experiences. I will share recipes, books I love, fun tidbits I find, outdoor and travel adventure ideas and of course...paddle boarding goodies! Adventure is out there! Let's seek it together.
Winchester Farmer’s Market – Memphis, TN {An EPIC Foodie Find}
Have you ever heard of Andrew Zimmern? He has these crazy shows on the Travel Channel called Bizarre Foods and Read more.
Fifty Shades of Chicken {Cookbook of the Month}
I love cookbooks and I especially love cookbooks that have a story. This month’s cookbook of the month however was Read more.
Basil Lime Sorbet
I’ll let you in on a little secret. I’ve posted this recipe on here before. A few years ago, when Read more.
You’re Invited! Southern Summer Nights #VirtualDinnerParty
You’re Invited to a #VirtualDinnerParty As we near the end of July, summer starts to slowly fade away into the Read more.
The Road to the GREAT Arkansas BLT
The other night my husband and I enjoyed an awesome dinner that included all local foods. We FEASTED on roasted Read more.
Quick Kitchen Tip: Easy Shredded Meat plus a Yummy Chicken Salad Recipe
If you need shredded meat for a recipe there is a super quick and easy way to get it done Read more.
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I love this piece by Edvard Munch. It is said to symbolize the human species taken by an attack of Read more.
Baby Birds and Big Cucumbers
We have four baby birds nesting on the fan blade on the ceiling fan of our carport.  They have been Read more.
Planting a Garden
I have been working on building and planting a garden for about 2 weeks now.  I felt it was really Read more.
Visiting My Boys
The last week of January we had a BIG ICE STORM!  It began rolling in the morning of the 26th Read more.
My Poor Neglected Blog!
I can not believe I have neglected my blog for this long. The BIG ICE STORM mid January knocked out Read more.
25 Things
My sister sent me this thing on Facebook where you are supposed to list 25 random things about yourself.  Well Read more.
Candy Coated
 I sometimes miss the frosty windows of my childhood with the little leaf-like, jagged cliff shaped designs on them.  Jack Frost Read more.
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