Simple Teacher Gifts with McDonald’s Arch Cards

If you have children, the time of year to start thinking about Teacher Gifts is upon us.  The holidays can be a financial strain on a family and buying gifts for up to seven different teachers (depending on the age of your child) can be stressful and expensive.  This year I want to encourage you to scale back a little and give the gift of a $5 McDonald’s Arch Card.

Disclaimer: I am a brand ambassador for Central Arkansas McDonald’s. All opinions are my own. 

As a teacher myself, I have never expected a gift from any of my students. There may be teachers out there that disagree with me but I have never understood the need to lavish teachers with expensive gifts. I was always thrilled to receive a package of pencils, a stack of post-its or some new pens. A few dollars spent by a family and I felt appreciated and received something that was useful in my classroom. That meant less money that I had to spend out of my own pocket.

If you stop by often than you know that I LOVE McDonald’s McCafe Coffee. I started treating myself to a weekly #busdutycoffee several years ago.  My coffee habit has morphed into more of a #coffeeeveryday habit, but I digress.

Last year, an attentive parent gave me a $5 McDonald’s Arch Card for Christmas. I can get a small coffee for under a dollar so that meant a WHOLE WEEK OF COFFEE! For FREE! To say I was excited was an understatement.

So this year, I encourage you to keep it simple and give the gift of McDonald’s Arch Cards. If you feel like you need to go a step further check out the three photos below for three different ways you can “dress up” that gift card and still keep the price reasonable.

McDonald’s Arch Card and Thank You Card – $6

Sometimes just a simple thank you is all a teacher needs. Tuck the McDonald’s Arch Card inside for an added bonus.

McDonald’s Arch Card in a Stocking – $6

Arch Card – $5
Stocking – $1
Candy Cane – approx. 10 cents each

McDonald’s Arch Card with Teacher Supplies – $10

You’d be surprised at how quickly common teacher supplies get used up. Stock up when back to school supplies go on sale in the fall and set some back to help replenish your child’s teacher’s supply when school starts back after the holidays. Index cards, post-it notes, highlighters and pens are always a great choice. Tie with a simple ribbon and tuck in an Arch Card. 

McDonald’s Arch Card – $5
Assorted School Supplies – $5

McDonald’s Arch Card with Candy and a Cute Mug – $12-15

McDonald’s Arch Card – $5
Mug – $4-5
Candy – $3-4


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