Visiting Virginia

Richie and I just returned from visiting my parents in Virginia.  We had such a great time!  My mom and dad own a beautiful bed and breakfast in Lovingston, Virginia.  They didn’t take any reservations while we were there so we had the whole place to ourselves and got to do lots of fun stuff.

Monday Morning/Afternoon

  • Drove to Sharandoh Lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
  • Hiked and relaxed by the lake.
  • Thought there was a bear in the bathroom.  Turned out to be a cleaning lady.
  • Had a picnic of fried chicken, cheese, grapes, strawberries, chips and salsa. YUM!
  • Saw a naked guy who decided to change into his swim suit on the beach instead of using the bath house! EWWWW!
  • Saw a big swarm of butterflies and bees.


Monday Afternoon/Evening

  • Relaxed by the pool.
  • Ate Ribs and mashed potatoes.
  • Drove by the Strawberry Patch to take some pictures.
  • Dad taught Richie how to fly fish over at their friends pond.
  • Mom and I rolled down a BIG hill! It was so fun!



  • Visited Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello in Charlottesville.
  • Picked up Nammy (my grandma) and went downtown.
  • Had lunch in one of the open air bistros.
  • Wandered around a used/rare bookstore and several other shops.
  • Had Gelato for dessert!!!!! YUM!
  • Went back to Nammy’s place and looked at her scrapbooks and chatted for a little while.
  • Headed back home to relax.



  • Went to an Antique shop in Amherst.
  • Went to a quilt shop and used book store in Lovingston.
  • Relaxed around the house.
  • Enjoyed the fresh air.
  • Played games.
  • Had a delicious steak, baked potato and corn on the cob dinner.


It was time for us to head home.  Mom and dad had to get ready for guests that would be checking in later that afternoon so after a quick breakfast we had to go.  It was so wonderful to spend time with my parents.  They have such a beautiful place.  It was really great!

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